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  • learning how to use weapons safely improving posture,

  • weapon grip and trigger action

  • improving shooting with sights (mechanical devices, collimators, telescopes)

  • conducting accurate fire from various positions and distances

  • dynamic shooting

  • preliminary shooting of your own weapon

What do you gain?

  • safety - shooting without live ammunition, CE certificate

  • realism - replicas with the Blow-Back system or your own weapon

  • precision - HAAS Optics sights and laser measurement of results

  • without permits, without licenses - your private shooting range very low operating costs

  • low noise level

  • mobility of the training set

HAAS Target

HAAS Target are innovative training systems for learning and improving shooting skills. Perfect "Dry Fire" tools for advanced and beginner shooters. Consult our shooting instructors and find out how you can use the possibilities of training sets.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


MOA shooting target

format: PDF

file size: 465kB

MIL shooting target

format: PDF

file size: 405kB

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