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  • 7,62×39  Laser Cartridge
  • 7,62×39  Laser Cartridge

7,62×39 Laser Cartridge

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7,62×39 caliber laser cartridge for shooting training.


The cartridge enables shooting training with firearms but without the use of live ammunition. You can use it to improve your skills by practicing with an electronic laser target. The set of the mentioned target and the cartridge make a great shooting trainer. Thanks to the use of this type of cartridge, you can safely train outside the shooting range. Practice basic gun skills safely and if you are already a step further, go ahead and train your focus, accuracy and reaction time.


How to use a laser cartridge?

The cartridge is intended for use in firearms. The cartridge is placed in the chamber of the weapon for training. Thanks to rubber o-rings, the cartridge does not move inside the chamber and ensures a stable direction of the laser beam. The laser cartridge remains in the chamber when reloading the weapon because it does not have a flange. 


How does a laser cartridge work?

There is a hole in the front of the cartridge for the laser beam. The rear part is made of a rubber tip, ready to absorb the strike of the firing pin. When fired, the firing pin hits the back of the cartridge, and as a result, the cartridge emits a laser pulse for a short moment. The red laser shines towards the mouth of the barrel. At the moment of shooting, the laser beam is visible on the object we are aiming at. The laser cartridge is perfect for shooting training with an electronic laser target (if you are interested, you can buy our original target here).


Additional information

The rubber tip of the cartridge is an element that wears out naturally during the use of the product. For this reason, it is not covered by the warranty. The tip is a replaceable element and can be purchased separately.

  • Specification

    Caliber 7,62x39
    Wavelength 650 nm
    Output power <5 mW
    Batteries 3xLR626


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