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  • ASG Laser Module
  • ASG Laser Module
  • ASG Laser Module
  • ASG Laser Module
  • ASG Laser Module

ASG Laser Module

Ready to ship in 10 days

Original laser module for ASG replicas allows you to perform shooting training in cooperation with the Smart Target PRO V3 laser target and other shooting training software. 

The only solution on the market that is completely retractable in the barrel and works with electric and gas replicas. The laser module does not require any modification to the replica, it is installed in the barrel without the use of additional tools in a matter of seconds. Removing it is just as easy and requires only one tool provided in the set. The set includes a set of batteries.



  • replaceable two CR311 batteries
  • laser output power below 5mW
  • pulse duration limiter to < 15ms
  • over 10,000 shots without replacing the battery
  • thread on the front allowing the insert to be removed from the barrel using a screw (M4 thread)
  • high axiality (depending on the quality of the replica barrel)


NOTE: Do not use the insert in full-auto mode of the replica.


The package contains:

  • laser module
  • user manual
  • tool for removing the insert from the barrel (M4 thread)
  • element for locking the bolt return lock in the magazine of gas replicas

How does the module work?
Each shot fired from the replica triggers a short laser pulse from the module. Laser module can be used with any electric and gas ASG replica. Our insert is so universal because it is triggered by the pressure generated in the barrel. It does not rely on detecting shocks (and therefore does not generate accidental shots). System is not connected to the trigger or other elements of the replica.

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