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  • Tactical Glasses G4
  • Tactical Glasses G4
  • Tactical Glasses G4
  • Tactical Glasses G4
SKU: 5489-0603-G4

Tactical Glasses G4



The Tactical Safety Glasses G4, in a sleek olive green design, are the perfect companion for sports and shooting activities. Built with safety in mind, these glasses offer durable protection and improved vision.


Exchangeable polymer glass

With three kinds of exchangeable polymer glass options - yellow, transparent, or polarized sunglass lenses - you can choose the right one for your specific needs.



Stay safe and enhance your visual clarity with the Tactical Safety Glasses G4, your trusted choice for outdoor pursuits.

  • The package contains

    • safety glasses frame

    • polymer, tinted polarized sunglass lenses

    • transparent and yellow polymer, enhanced protective glass lenses

    • cord

    • cleaning pouch

    • case

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